Three Little Birds (sad Bob Marley cover)

Bob Marley cover – Three Little Birds (the minor key version)

Good afternoon to anyone who might be reading this!

I remember a few summers ago, my band Vesperia was on the road. We were in Western Canada, and we had been making a habit of hitting different Wal-Marts. You see, they have these bins full of $5 CDs and lots of them are classics. Needless to say, we stocked up on as many as we could (much to the suffering of our dwindling back accounts).

One of my best memories was stopping in a town called Revelstoke in BC. We lit a joint and hung out for a few hours. The sun was out, it was a beautiful day with the mountain air filling our lungs. Taking to the road, we popped in the Bob Marley Gold album we bought. I remember feeling such joy looking out the window at the amazing views with the sun hitting me and the tunes cranked.

I toyed with the thoughts that all of Bob Marley’s music inspires joyous feelings. But what if you were to alter them slightly, like change them into a minor key? I think I have procrastinated over this long enough.

Yesterday I woke up early and hit the record button on m DAW and on my Canon. I think I worked on this for 11 hours straight; and here it is:

Three Little Birds, the minor key version: