Ghost Square Hammer blues cover

ghost square hammer


This week I created a blues version of Ghost’s single ‘Square Hammer’. I knew I wanted to do something a little different with this video when I noticed my stag skull as well as my wife’s geode collection. They made a couple awesome elements for this video.

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Hi! My name is Morgan and I’m a musician from Canada! You can usually find me fronting my epic death metal band Vesperia. But when I’m not on the road with them, I am in my studio working on my solo project DEEP DARK RIVER.

Along with my original music, I also like to do blues and folk covers of my favourite songs. I play everything myself, but I do have a guest musician on my recordings from time to time. I also record, mix, master, shoot and edit the videos.

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Doomy folk-laced blues and soul from the deepest Canadian cold.

Endorsed by:
Ibanez Guitars
Traynor amps

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Deep Dark River

ghost square hammer

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