Morgan’s Song of the Week [Week 3] Mastodon Oblivion

mastodon oblivion

Morgan’s Song of the Week [Week 3] Mastodon Oblivion

Above all things, I am a lover of music. Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated by music, it’s innumerable incarnations and the global language that it speaks. I am creating a weekly blog post that will shine a tiny bit of light on some of my favourite bands and songs by them.

Morgan’s Song of the Week for February 13th is Oblivion by Mastodon.

I remember being a young, impressionable music fan who had very limited and short access to the internet. I spent my young teenage years growing up in the countryside ripping away at an out-of-tune bass that had been purchased for me at a pawn shop. We didn’t have the internet, and our having dial-up internet was still a couple years away, which limited my discovery of bands to word-of-mouth and from metal magazines I would save up to buy at convenience stores. Crazy, I know.

I remember flipping through a 2004 edition of Metal Maniacs and reading about this band called Nile who were getting ready to release an album called Annihilation of the Wicked, which sound insanely incredible to me (I was just beginning to delve into extreme metal). Near the middle of that magazine I found an article about a band called Mastodon who had just released an album called Leviathan. The info stuck with me for a few years until I was able to see them play live at a metal festival with a few other bands (I think it was with Slayer). I actually didn’t enjoy them at all and completely wrote them off from then on.

A few years later I was listening to Sirius satellite radio when their new single from their newest album called The Hunter was being played. I was instantly hooked and I realized what they were all about at that point. I then began working my way backwards through their discography and began to full understand an appreciate what they were doing. I now consider myself a Mastodon fan.

My Week 3 Song of the Week is Oblivion, by Mastodon.

MASTODON BIO: Officially formed on January 13, 2000, a few days after Brann Dailor and Bill Kelliher had met the other members at a High on Fire show.

Founded as a five-piece with Eric Saner on vocals, who left the band just before going on tour. The rest of the band members completed the tour sharing vocal duties, and eventually decided to continue as a four-piece.

Scott Kelly from Neurosis has appeared as a guest vocalist on all of Mastodon’s full length albums, since “Leviathan”.

They are featured on the Melvins tribute playing the song “The Bit,” and also on Kerrang! magazine’s tribute to Metallica’s “Master of Puppets”, playing “Orion”.

Appear on the soundtrack for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters with the song ‘Cut You Up with a Linoleum Knife’.

Appeared in the HBO television series Game Of Thrones (episode 5.8, “Hardhome”) and contributed the song ‘White Walker’ to the “Catch the Throne, vol.2” mixtape released online to promote the show’s fifth season.

Mastodon consider each of their full length albums to have a different general theme that doesn’t reach as far as a full concept. Their logo and artwork for each album represents one of the four elements. “Remission” represents fire, “Leviathan” represents water, “Blood Mountain” represents earth and “Crack the Skye” represents air (or ether). Additionally, the symbol over their logo changes from album to album.

Bill Kelliher plays in a grindcore band named Primate USA (not to be confused with Primate).

2018 Lineup:
Troy Sanders: Bass/ Vocals
Brann Dailor: Drums/ Vocals
Brent Hinds: Guitar/ Vocals
Bill Kelliher: Guitar/ Vocals
mastodon oblivion

Thank you for checking out Morgan’s Song of the Week! Next Tuesday I will be back with another killer tune!

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